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  2. American Horror Story: Freak Show

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  3. ugh.

    first day back to work since monday.
    i feel like absolute shit.

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    Jeffrey Campbell - BAT GIRL heels

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    "Please stop selling shirts carelessly" wtf are they supposed to interview the people buying them like what does this dude want

    "She smiled and laughed long enough to make you go away"

    In high school I wouldnโ€™t wear band shirts in public because men would stop me on the street and ridicule me for not knowing a certain obscure song by the band or fact about one of the members, like what the actual fuck.

    tiny disgusting little man harasses woman he doesnโ€™t know and attempts to shame her for wearing a shirtย 

    I got shamed a couple of weeks ago for buying my favorite album on vinyl but I didnโ€™t know that the model on the cover was pregnant during the shoot and the dude behind the counter told me that I should lent tell people itโ€™s my favorite album if I didnโ€™t know anything about it

    stephen keeps wanting to buy me a dragon ball z shirt…
    you know the one.
    cuz he thinks it would make a good gym shirt.
    i agree. i think it’d be funny.
    but i’ve never REALLY seen DBZ.
    so i haven’t let him buy it, cuz i don’t want people to be mean to me about wearing it.

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    Want a limited edition custom signed poster from this photo set!?!? Check out:ย https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/CasanovaPrintShop

    Use the coupon code โ€œSEDUCTIONโ€ for 15% off your entire order until 9/25/14!!!!

    where did you shoot this?!
    i want to live there!

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    people keep saying that facebook makes you depressed because your friends all look like theyโ€™re having fun without you but actually i think this kind of shit is probably the greater cause of it tbh

    Drastic measures? What the actual fuck drastic measures would be if she fucking attacked the guy carrying around your mattress affects no one but her why do these people give a shit about it in the first place let alone why are they negative towards her.

    this is a joke, right?

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